Rescue parachute Cornetto
Cornetto - A cruciform reserve at the price of an annular parachute!

Rescue parachute Cornetto

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 surfacemax. all up loadweight
Cornetto 100 28,04m² 100 kg 1,4 kg
Cornetto 140* 32,37m² 140 kg 1,6 kg

Available for paragliders as well as hang gliders (HG). The HG version includes a rotor and dyneema bridle.

The good out of two! With our cruciform parachutes we consistently receive positive feedback from people who attended safety trainings and especially pilotes who experienced emergency situations. Reason for us to develop another new generation of cruciform reserves.

Our mid-range aim has been to replace the round parachute design by a cost-effective cruciform parachute. Result of squaring the circle is the new serie Cornetto. A cruciform reserve at the price of an annular parachute!

Additional Information

Additional Information

Suitable especially for Paragliders, Hang-gliders, All-round, Beginners
max. towed weight (kg) 140
sink rate low sink rate at less towed weight
Manufacturer independence
Weight in kg 1.4000
Colour red
Delivery date within approx. 3-5 working days
incl. tax/plus shipping €700.00
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